Monday, May 31, 2010

.:. Bazinga .:.


Mmmmmm....that is all! :D

.:. Rondy .:.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

.:. Tag-a-roo .:.

This lovely blog lady tagged by to participate in a blog game (yep, I said it again 'blog game' mwah ha!).
The game goes like this: You get tagged + You answer 8 questions created by your tagger + You make up 8 questions of your own + You tag other bloggers to do the same. Here are my answers to Joana's questions:

1.When you were a child which band or singer was your favourite? 
My favourite band was Smashing Pumpkins. Funnily enough my Dad introduced me to them, he even took me to their concert when I was around 14. I was always jealous because Dad would tell me about the first time he saw them live (at The Prince in St Kilda I think?). Dad reckons there was hardly anyone at the gig because they were relatively unknown at the time...Imagine that! Damn him! Anyway, for a pretty long time I was convinced that Billy Corgan and I were destined to be together and I was also fairly certain that he wrote his songs just for me and about me....Ahh, teen angst and obsessive rock star worship, I miss those days!

2. If you could change your name, what would be the name you would pick? I like the name 'Luka' or 'Luca'.  Suzanne Vega has a song called 'Luka' which if I remember correctly is about a girl who lives in an apartment and gets domestically abused late at night....Hmmm, not cool....Anyway, I've always liked the name and I often daydream about having a kid one day and calling him or her Luka/Luca.

3. Mention five things that make you very upset. Violence. Bad drivers. Ignorance. Arrogance. The end of a great t.v series (e.g Six Feet Under...I cried for hours...)

4. What do you do to protect Earth? (name a few things or just one)I recycle. I drive a small, economical car and use public transport when I'm not being lazy. I turn lights off when I leave the room. If I'm being completely honest though, I could be a lot more environmentally friendly if I tried. I've become a little complacent of late. 

5. Which book would you pick to go with you to another planet if life on Earth was ending?Anything by David Sedaris, he makes me laugh so hard I snort like a piggy.
6. Are you terribly afraid of something? I'm terribly afraid of spiders, I'm also terribly afraid that I'll end up wasting my life worrying about how others perceive me (I'm working on that one!).

7. Name five people you would love to erase from Earth. Wow, that's pretty full on. I'm gonna have to say that there isn't anyone I'd like to erase from Earth. At a stretch I'd say that Tony Abbott could 'disappear' and I wouldn't be too sad...

8. Which one was the most beautiful moment of your life? When my brother-from-another-mother (let's call him 'fat head') woke up from unconsciousness after having an epileptic seizure and drowning at the beach. The doctors were initially telling us there wasn't much hope and he would likely be severely brain damaged if he woke up at all. Without a doubt the most amazing day of my life was when he woke up and we knew he was back with us. Dammit, I'm starting to tear up!! 

Thanks Joana, that was fun. Here are my questions, They are a bit silly but fun I think!

1. Everyone resembles an animal to some extent. What animal do you resemble?
2. What is your favourite singing in the shower/car song?
3. If you had to choose, which artist would you commission to paint/draw/etch/sketch/construct a portrait of you?
4. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
5. What was the first record/CD that you owned?
6. If you could have mind reading powers for the day, whose mind would you read?
7. Which actor/actress would you choose to play you in the story of your life?
8. What is your greatest talent?

I'm going to tag let it combust, Gemma, Allana, Scatterheart and Pal. Those tagged, feel free to run and hide under the bed if you prefer :D
.:. Rondy .:.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

.:. Sorry Señor Credit Card! .:.


Last Friday night I was home alone and über bored, so I found myself clicking my way through Etsy. I'm currently broke financially challenged, so it probably wasn't the most responsible thing to do but I threw caution to the wind and filled up my shopping cart with a bunch of awesome stationary items. Some of them arrived today...

Woo hoo! Can't wait until the rest arrives (sorry Mr. Credit Card!) stay tuned!!

.:. Rondy .:.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

.:. Lady Crush Tuesday .:.


I've decided that it is lady crush Tuesday.....

Be my girlfriend Miss Apple?

.:. Rondy .:.

Monday, May 24, 2010

.:. Lemon Meringue....soup? .:.


On Sunday Moof and I spent the day at my best friend's/ adopted family's house. We spent the day talking, laughing and lazing around by the heater. We ate some yummy dips with warm Turkish bread and tasty spinach and haloumi parcels bought from here.  

To top the day off we attempted to make Lemon Meringue Pie using fresh lemons from the garden. Now I can't really take all of the blame credit here because my mum and my bff (aka eggplant) did most of the hard work.  I can't say it was a great success, but it was a fun journey's how it played out:

The recipe book: 'Cookery The Australian Way' printed in 1966. 
Interesting side note- there is a recipe for Gruel in this book...Oliver Twist eat your heart out!!

Promising, if not a little rustic.

Golden brown, fluffy and just begging to be munched on...

The end result....a strange, sloppy mess

As you can see from the pictures, the pie wasn't a complete success. The base was a little salty, the curd was tangy and delicious but didn't set, and it ended up forming a 'soup' in the bottom of the dish. To top it all off (ha!) the meringue wasn't nearly sweet enough. In the end we all decided that it was "edible". We also joked that it could be served as dessert at a dinner party where 'Gruel' was served for dinner...mmm tasty!

How about you? Had any culinary disasters lately?

.:. Rondy .:.

P.S Hello  to my new followers and commenters, a big welcome to you! You make my day :D

Friday, May 21, 2010

.:. Because my parents were hippies... .:.


....I have an appreciation for this music. Hope you enjoy :D

.:. Rondy .:.

P.S Sorry for cheating and posting YouTube clips again...I am having a Friday night reminiscing session and I wanted to share with someone!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

.:. A few things from my week .:.


Miguel, unconscious

The result of a lengthy and productive meeting at work

Dinner by Moof

A letter for me (In some circles I am known as "Mr Chicken")

The Chicken and The Eggplant

A belated birthday card from "The Eggplant" 
(belated by 8 months :D Love it!)

A batch of Nan's Anzacs, made by me

New stationary....yip!


Just some bits and pieces from my week. Thanks for stopping by!

.:. R♥NDY .:.

Monday, May 17, 2010

.:. Monday go away, come again another day .:.


Psst, it's o.k you can come out now, Miguel scared Monday away with his ferocious ROARRR!!!! The weekend will be upon us again soon I promise, it's creeping up on us as we speak. Anyway, just a quick, punchy post today. Thanks for stopping by and I Hope that your Monday was a fun-day (someone stop me, for some reason I keep feeling compelled to rhyme like a big dork).

.:. Rondy .:.
P.S Don't worry I will be taking Miguel to have his teeth cleaned at the vet very soon.  If only he would floss more often....such a lazy cat...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

.:. 8 x 8 .:.


Yip! I've been tagged by Gemma at Kaotic Kraft Kuties to partake in some photo sharing bloggery. In honour of Gemma's admission to not playing entirely by the 'rules' of the photo sharing challenge, I thought I should also admit to semi-cheating. The thing is, I store all of my photos in 'iPhoto'. I am fairly lazy by nature thus (until today) my photos weren't in separate folders, they were just kind of dumped in a big, messy, electronic pile.

So, not only did I get the warm fuzzies from being included in my first 'blog game'* with a bunch of my favourite bloggers, I also got the kick in the bum I needed to sort out my photos and pop them into neatly categorised folders. So above is the 8th photo in my newly created 8th folder.

The photo story...
The photo itself is a bit bizarre. Firstly, it's a photo of a photo from my 6th birthday party. Recently while at my mum's house I sifted through a bunch of shoe boxes full of old family photos that were found at my Grandfather's house after he passed away. I came across a lot of photos of me when I was a kid, that I had never seen. I took some shots of my favourite happy snaps using my iPhone (so please excuse the quality), the above being one of them.

I think the funniest thing about this photo is the clothes I'm wearing. Check out the massive sailor collar on my dress. I am clearly wearing an ensemble lovingly knitted and sewn by my Nan, who lived to dress me up in girly frocks and scratchy cardigans. My parents were quite young when I was born and they were big hippies to boot, so I had a fairly free-spirited, 'make it up as you go along' type of childhood. 

Most of my time was spent wearing overalls and Bubblegummers, making mud pies, sneaking salty cat biscuits from the cat's bowl and getting lollies and lego stuck in my ratty, knotty hair.  You can actually see a couple of bruises on my legs in this photo- they were a permanent style accessory for me. Poor Nan, she tried so hard to encourage me into becoming the sweet and mild child you see in the above picture. It never lasted long. I much preferred to be nude and muddy.    

Yikes, talk about a trip down memory lane. That was a whole bucketful of fun! So much fun that everyone should join in. Here are the details which I have stolen respectfully appropriated from Gemma (via Pip I think):

The game rules ::

The Tag game goes as follows:

Go to the 8th folder in which you store your photos

Select the 8th photo
Post it to your blog and tell the story behind it.
After following the above instructions, you are ‘supposed’ to tag 8 other bloggers.

I haven't really made 8 'blog friends' yet so I'm going to cheat again and tag 5 of my lovely followers that have blogs + my best friend who has just started a blog:

.:. Bianca from Goodnight Little Spoon
.:. Jennifer from Stationary Addicted
.:. Joana from Ecologic Storyteller

Those tagged, don't feel obliged to join in if it's not your thing or if you just don't wanna!
Thanks to Gemma for tagging me and thanks to everyone who stops by to read this post, I hope you all had a positively boss weekend.

.:. Rondy .:.

*yes, I'm a dork, I used the term 'blog game'

Saturday, May 15, 2010

.:. I've changed too .:.


I've been a very lazy blogger lately. Not only has it been the good part of a week since my last post, I'm just about to cheat by posting a YouTube clip... I'm sure you will forgive my sloth-like ways when you feast your eyes and ears on this awesomeness. I'm not exactly sure how I missed the memo, but Sia released this track back in December 2009. I stumbled upon it this week and it has been playing on repeat on my iPod and in my head ever since, here's why....

I must admit to having a major lady crush on Sia. This pop-tastic song and the brilliant film clip that accompanies it just makes me love her more. I hope you heart it as much as I do, if so, let me know!

.:. Rondy .:.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

.:. I heart it, you heart it, we all heart it .:.


O.k, so I'm a little bit behind the I visited 'We heart it' for the first time. In honour of this momentous occasion I  thought I'd share some of my favourites...

I hope you liked them too...Happy Sunday everyone!

.:. Rondy

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

.:. Illustrator Love .:.


Yessiree Bob, it's the middle of the week ('hump day' if you will) and looky here at what I found....

What is this splendiferous image? Where did it come from? Well folks, it's an amazing illustration by an amazing Romanian Illustrator named Ana Botezatu. She has a professional website and a lovely blog, both of which are filled with more of her beautiful and inspired illustrations.  I am in love. Check out her work and maybe you will fall in love too...

.:. Rondy  

Sunday, May 2, 2010

.:. Oh Sunday, you came around too soon .:.


Ahh Sunday, such a bittersweet day. A day of sleep-ins and long, leisurely breakfasts. A day of reading the shiny Sunday Magazines in newspapers and drinking cups, upon cups of tea. Sadly, Sunday is also a day when the cold, hard reality of an impending working week hits you like a tonne of bricks. Personally, I start to experience what I like to call 'Monday dread' at around 4.00pm on a Sunday afternoon. This week however, I was momentarily saved from Monday dread when I remembered that I will be making a trip to the post office to post this little guy....          

Yep, I made him myself (you can probably tell!!) It's the first letter I've sent in a long, long time and I'm pretty excited about it. I just hope that the recipient enjoys opening it as much as I enjoyed making it. Anyway, I'm off to bed now as Monday is looming...Boo! I hope that everyone had a shiny, happy weekend and that you all have something to look forward to this week. Thanks for stopping by.

.:. Rondy .:.