Sunday, May 30, 2010

.:. Tag-a-roo .:.

This lovely blog lady tagged by to participate in a blog game (yep, I said it again 'blog game' mwah ha!).
The game goes like this: You get tagged + You answer 8 questions created by your tagger + You make up 8 questions of your own + You tag other bloggers to do the same. Here are my answers to Joana's questions:

1.When you were a child which band or singer was your favourite? 
My favourite band was Smashing Pumpkins. Funnily enough my Dad introduced me to them, he even took me to their concert when I was around 14. I was always jealous because Dad would tell me about the first time he saw them live (at The Prince in St Kilda I think?). Dad reckons there was hardly anyone at the gig because they were relatively unknown at the time...Imagine that! Damn him! Anyway, for a pretty long time I was convinced that Billy Corgan and I were destined to be together and I was also fairly certain that he wrote his songs just for me and about me....Ahh, teen angst and obsessive rock star worship, I miss those days!

2. If you could change your name, what would be the name you would pick? I like the name 'Luka' or 'Luca'.  Suzanne Vega has a song called 'Luka' which if I remember correctly is about a girl who lives in an apartment and gets domestically abused late at night....Hmmm, not cool....Anyway, I've always liked the name and I often daydream about having a kid one day and calling him or her Luka/Luca.

3. Mention five things that make you very upset. Violence. Bad drivers. Ignorance. Arrogance. The end of a great t.v series (e.g Six Feet Under...I cried for hours...)

4. What do you do to protect Earth? (name a few things or just one)I recycle. I drive a small, economical car and use public transport when I'm not being lazy. I turn lights off when I leave the room. If I'm being completely honest though, I could be a lot more environmentally friendly if I tried. I've become a little complacent of late. 

5. Which book would you pick to go with you to another planet if life on Earth was ending?Anything by David Sedaris, he makes me laugh so hard I snort like a piggy.
6. Are you terribly afraid of something? I'm terribly afraid of spiders, I'm also terribly afraid that I'll end up wasting my life worrying about how others perceive me (I'm working on that one!).

7. Name five people you would love to erase from Earth. Wow, that's pretty full on. I'm gonna have to say that there isn't anyone I'd like to erase from Earth. At a stretch I'd say that Tony Abbott could 'disappear' and I wouldn't be too sad...

8. Which one was the most beautiful moment of your life? When my brother-from-another-mother (let's call him 'fat head') woke up from unconsciousness after having an epileptic seizure and drowning at the beach. The doctors were initially telling us there wasn't much hope and he would likely be severely brain damaged if he woke up at all. Without a doubt the most amazing day of my life was when he woke up and we knew he was back with us. Dammit, I'm starting to tear up!! 

Thanks Joana, that was fun. Here are my questions, They are a bit silly but fun I think!

1. Everyone resembles an animal to some extent. What animal do you resemble?
2. What is your favourite singing in the shower/car song?
3. If you had to choose, which artist would you commission to paint/draw/etch/sketch/construct a portrait of you?
4. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
5. What was the first record/CD that you owned?
6. If you could have mind reading powers for the day, whose mind would you read?
7. Which actor/actress would you choose to play you in the story of your life?
8. What is your greatest talent?

I'm going to tag let it combust, Gemma, Allana, Scatterheart and Pal. Those tagged, feel free to run and hide under the bed if you prefer :D
.:. Rondy .:.


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