Monday, August 30, 2010

.:. Meet Miguel .:.

♥ Hola ♥

.:. Miguel is my cat .:.
.:. He is 4 years old .:.
.:. he has short black & white fur which is soft and fuzzy .:.
.:. he is scared of the ironing board .:.
.:. he is also scared of cats and dogs .:.
.:. he enjoys eating moths .:.
.:. He loves to run up stairs .:.
.:. his favourite toy is a small plush lobster called 'lobby'.:.
.:. his favourite food is fresh kangaroo .:.
.:. he answers back when you say "hello" .:.
.:. he bites you if you do not pay him attention .:.
.:. he bites really hard .:.
.:. he will ONLY drink water from a glass .:.
.:. he likes company when using his litter tray (creepy, no?) .:. 
.:. he once fell out of a 3 storey bathroom window .:.
.:.he has eaten 3 goldfish (R.I.P Ziggy, Brownie & June Carter).:.
.:. he meows at you if you dare to wake him up .:.
.:. he sleeps curled up behind your knees .:.
.:. he likes to hold 'hands' .:.
.:. he is the coolest cat I've met so far .:.     

So there you have it, I have officially outed myself as a cat lady. Oh well!

.:. Rondy .:.


Bianca J said... [Reply to comment]

Nawww, sweetest post. Miguel is quite the looker. I've been promised by my boyfriend that once we find a house we'll get a little boy kitty. I loved your cat profile. I'd write one about my cats if they weren't antisocial and unaffectionate!

Consider my dear said... [Reply to comment]


call me Rondy... said... [Reply to comment]

@Bianca J
Thanks, I think he is quite handsome too. Ooh, if you get a little boy kitty you should call him 'Pablo'. I want a kitty called Pablo, but I think I'm stuck with Miguel for the moment!

call me Rondy... said... [Reply to comment]

@Consider my dear
I tried to fight it for a while but now I've finally resigned myself to my fate :D

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