Sunday, August 29, 2010

.:. Mix/Share/Swap .:.


I recently participated in a music swap hosted by the lovely and creative Miss Bianca of 'Goodnight Little Spoon' fame. I had a bucket load of fun, despite some initial printer dramas which resulted in me almost losing my shit. After the printer issues were addressed (thanks Moof) and I had regained my composure, I proceeded to feverishly chop things up, stick things down and sew things together. Below are the fruits of my labour...      

↑This mix is for Rhianne aka 'for the easily distracted'↑ 

↑This mix is for Patsy aka 'Being Blanche'↑

I hope both of the fancy ladies I was paired with like their mixes. I'm fairly confident about Patsy's as we have similar music taste but I'm not so sure about Rhianne's purely because I'm not sure what type of music she digs! So Rhianne, if you are reading this I hope you like your CD, if you don't please let me know and I'll send you another one! Truly!

Before I go, here a list of the materials I used in making and decorating my mix CD packages:

.:. Old cardboard box found at home
.:. Striped paper bag which came with Zines I purchased here
.:. Scrap cardboard bought from Rock Paper Scissors a while back
.:. Frankie Magazine  
.:. Yen Magazine
.:. Jute twine purchased at Bunnings
.:. Washi tape from Felt Cafe on Etsy
.:. 'hello' sticker from K is for Calligraphy on Etsy
.:. Black Sharpies
.:. 'Love Mail' stickers from Kikki-K
.:. Ram wooden stamp from TYPO
.:. Derwent Studio pencils
.:. Sewing needle, glue and elbow grease from home

Well there you have it. Thanks to Bianca for hosting this totally boss swap. I hope everyone had a brilliant weekend, thanks for stopping by!

.:. Rondy .:.


cerebral e said... [Reply to comment]

These are WOW!

PS Thanks for commenting on the glogg.

Patricia said... [Reply to comment]

Oh wow! Oh wowowowow! I just got your package in the mail, and it is freaking awesome. About to listen to it now.

Love Patsy

call me Rondy... said... [Reply to comment]

@cerebral e
Aww shucks, thank you!
No worries, I really enjoy your blog.
Cheers for stopping by to say hi.

call me Rondy... said... [Reply to comment]

Sweeeeet! I totally had an anxiety attack making them thinking "Oh shit, what if my swap partners hate my mixes and think I'm super lame". Phew! x

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