Friday, February 11, 2011

.:. 5 Facts for Friday .:.


1. That is me, age 5 in the above photo
2. Cherries are my favourite fruit
3. I have an extremely terrible memory...Sorry, who are you?
4. I despise the word 'panties'
5. I once ate 8 tacos in one sitting

Do you have any fantastic, funny or frivolous facts to share this fine Friday?
.:. Rondy .:.


Alyssa said... [Reply to comment]

so i just saw your comment on micaelas blog and got all excited that you are another australian blogger, its like a rare breed or something :)

TACO'S ARE THE BESTEST!!! I had them for dinner last night and they were mighty fine.

Allana said... [Reply to comment]

He he - so cute!
I hate the word panties too!
and I used to beat my personal best each year at a friends birthday party eating mini savaloys... the last year I got to 21 I think! (in my defence I didn'y go to school with her or know any of her other friends so I needed a party trick - or therapy!)

kate said... [Reply to comment]


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